Data Visualization


The poster shows, how students get to the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt). It also shows the differences of how they get there. For that, we conducted a survey as a group of three. Afterwards each indiviual person designed a poster.
I decided upon making a poster that shows, how students get to the THI. At that time, I was regularly driving to the THI by car and I was interested to see, how over students get there.

Data collection and evaluation

My two colleagues and I surveyed 75 students in total for the data collection. For this, we wrote a survey with questions all about means of transport.

A filled out questionnaire.
A filled out questionnaire. In total, 75 were used.

After collecting the data, I went ahead and analyzed it. To find a correlation between different data sets, a pivot table was used.


After analyzing the data, I came up with different concepts to present the data in an easy-to-understand and pleasing way.


In the end, I settled on the map concept. To spice things up, three pie charts are at the bottom, detailing how students get to the THI.

Icon design

During the design of the poster, I also created several icons.

The icons in the diagram.
Designing the icons for the diagram was the best part!

Design process