Power UI

Power-UI – Wireframing, UI design, Asset Creation, Game Programming, User Testing.

Concept for a building-simulation game with responsive UI. Wireframes, Icons, Assets, Screen design and three game prototypes were created. Bachelor Thesis following the User-Centered Design process. Based around the theme of the power grid and future energy sources.

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Data Visualization

Data Visualization – Data Collection, Data Visualization, Icon Design.

The poster shows, how stduents get to the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt and how their paths are different. For that, we conducted a survey as a group of three. After that, each one of us designed a poster on their own.

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Design Booklet

Design Booklet – Layout.

The design booklet is a collection of all design exercises of my first semester. It's topics include composition, gestalt laws and typography.

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Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel for Autonomous Driving – Modelling and Construction.

The steering wheel for autonomous driving is the working tool of the future. The keyboard on the backside of the steering wheel enables the driver to work while driving. Still, they are able to intervene if necessary.

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Infotainment System

Infotainment System – Screen Design, Icon Design.

The infotainment system for Google and Mercedes shows, how the design has to change to fit a certain corporate identity. A study analyzing the relationship between trust and design was conducted, for which this design was created.

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